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Carton / Case

Printing lot, batch and supplier-specific information clearly on the case creates a traceability point visible to all supply chain participants – providing rapid identification in case of recall. Where not precluded by local standards such as HDMA, printing this information directly on the case simplifies packaging by helping standardize to generic packaging.

Case Printing, Coding & Labelling

Flexible, superior quality case printing and labelling from our case coders that will help to improve productivity.

Our high quality range of case markers, labellers and coders are robust, efficient and can be used for various types of case coding application. From simple date codes to Grade A GS1 compliant barcodes, we have the solutions for coding on a range of boxes, trays, bags and shrink wrapped materials used in virtually any application.

Reliable and cost-effective case printing that meets your specific needs.



Labeling cardboard boxes

White labels paired with black thermal-transfer printing achieve excellent print resolution. Furthermore, they compensate for unevenness on corrugated cardboard surfaces. Both factors are important when external partners and customers are supposed to read out markings such as barcodes or data matrix codes without errors.

In addition, labeling machines are more adaptable than inkjet printers. You can label your goods sideways, from above or below and around the corner. Even with variable carton heights, they label very accurately thanks to extendable dispensing temples and contactless labeling techniques. The maximum printing speed is 400 mm / s.

Direct-printing on cartons

The print quality of ink on cardboard is usually slightly lower compared to labels, as cardboard is very absorbent. Nonetheless, large-character piezo inkjet printers also achieve a high printing resolution, which is ideal for coding tasks in warehouse logistics, picking or quality assurance. Whether the color and quality of the cardboard allow the desired print image, must be checked individually.

Specific advantages of direct-printing are the higher maximum printing speed (up to 1,000 mm / s) and lower printing costs (about 60% less per 1,000 prints). At the same time, the font size can be changed during the current printing process, which is not possible when labeling. Cardboard surfaces can be printed on the side or top, but the printhead must be installed very close to the surface.