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We possess the following high-tech equipment in our prepress section

  •    Nos. of Desktop Publishing Units configured with Pentium IV hardware and loaded with latest version applocations like Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop
  •    2 No. Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer
  •    Quality Control component such as Pantone coor chart, electronic GSM Scale all equipment are calibrated.
  •    IPV - Proof Check System and Graphtec Scanner

Press Section

The Quality of offset printing depends on the experience of the printer and the equipment used in every process of press. The press run starts with a blank substrate and ends with a printed substrate. Thus, the offset printing process involves a number of stages and the hard work of many professionals.

  •    Heidelberg (Two Color) : 20" X 28" 80000 imp / 12hrs. 1Nos. (Blank sheet detector)
  •    Heidelberg (Single Color) : 20" X 28" 80000 imp / 12hrs. 3Nos. (Blank sheet detector)
  •    Kamorti two color Perfector : 28" X 40" 60000 imp / 12hrs. 1Nos. (Blank sheet detector)
  •    2 Nos. Paper Cutting Machines, Polar make fully programmed with high efficiency.
  •    Pratham Automatic Folding Machines : 8Nos, with Pharma code Reader
  •    We have already purchased outsert folding machine (Herzog + Heymann Make) with 20 fold taping and glue unit.